A Little About Us

Lofthouse Computer Gurus is Southeast Idaho's smartest resource for Computer support from the home user to the business and everything in between. All versions of Microsoft software and networks are supported as well as limited support for both Macintosh and Linux. Hours are priced very reasonably starting at only $50/hr. For our customers' convenience, evening and Saturday hours can be scheduled ahead of time based on technician’s discretion and availability.

Lofthouse Computer Gurus combines experience with courtesy to create a team of “People People”, Computer People.


Laptops, desktops, smartphones, video games, networks, WiFi; it can be enough to make anyone's head spin.  Let us take the confusion out of your life and just make your devices work.  We pride ourselves on our ability to talk clearly with our customers and make them feel comfortable.



Technology has become an integral part of any business.  From Smartphones and pads to computers and networks the face of business has been drastically altered and greatly improved by innovations.  Call today to see what we can do to give your business the tools it needs to excel or to maintain what you already have.  With a specialist assigned to your company you won't have to worry about bringing a tech up to speed on every call.  Our computer guy becomes your computer guy.
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Security

Coming Soon

The face of internet security has changed greatly over the past year.  Coming soon; tips to avoid infections and other security worries.
Recommended Technologies

Remote Assistance:

JoinMe.com, free screen sharing and remote access website.


Microsoft Security Essentials, free Antivirus and intrusion detection for home and business users.  Newly added; scan your computer for free without installing Security Essentials using Microsoft's new Safety Scanner utility.

MalwareBytes Antimalware, free or paid malware scan and cleanup utility. 

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft Exchange